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Baltimore Metro Business Development (BMBD) is a Networking group which exists to bring professionals from throughout the region together through Quarterly events. Events typically feature recognized local leaders in speaking engagements before 150-200 C-Suite Executives from numerous industries. The Baltimore Metro Business Development LinkedIn group is currently comprised by 650+ members, representing Baltimore’s most interesting and innovative companies.

Pacesetters is a Business Development group which operates to bring local companies and organizations together to collectively build their businesses further. The central themes of the group are, “What are we doing to justify your investment (time and money)? What return are you gaining?” There should be direct business to be had within the group. Additionally it is the responsibility of group members to learn the businesses of their group colleagues so that they can be true referral partners going forward.

“BMBD & Pacesetters operate together in unison; with the united vision of building up others and also celebrating the best of our shared community.”

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Chris Stoner: Owner, Baltimore Sports and Life

Baltimore Sports and Life (BSL) is dedicated to analysis and discussion on the Baltimore Orioles, Baltimore Ravens, and the University of Maryland.

Baltimore Metro Business Development (BMBD) and Pacesetters are both parts of BSL.


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