Turn Browsers into Buyers: Tips for Successful Website Conversion

So many businesses focus on driving consumers to their site, but why? What’s the point in spending thousands of dollars on SEO, social media, content marketing, and web ads to push traffic towards a site and giving customers nothing to chew on once they arrive? Converting web traffic numbers into solid customer statistics is an integral part of online marketing, and most business owners don’t manage it well. However, with a few straight forward changes to a website and its approach, conversion rates can increase significantly.

9 Easy Tips to Increased Conversion Rates

Benefits – Provide obvious benefits to the consumer that others don’t, and highlight those on your website. Include small benefits, such as free shipping or 24/7 support. Offering live chat assistance during regular business hours is also a good option. This often catches those consumers who become frustrated during the checkout process and would ordinarily leave without completing the sale. Other benefits unique to your product should be centrally placed and stand out, so visitors immediately notice and act on them.

Website Design – Create a focused and simple website layout, which directs visitors where you want them to go and removes unnecessary distractions.

-Keep the most important content at the top of the page, and avoid clutter.

-Don’t be afraid to use white space. Often, empty space emphasizes an important item better than flashy fonts and painful colors.

-Keep navigation simple and exactly where most people expect it. Don’t make your consumers hunt for the navigation panel, because they’ll click away long before they’ll spend precious seconds searching for your navbar.

-Fonts are everything. Don’t use more than 3 fonts on your site, and make them all legible and web appropriate.

-Create a hierarchy of shape with both text and images by placing the bulk of content at the top of the page and gradually paring it down as the page descends. This forces the eye to move down the page and gets the bulk of your important information taken care of early on.

Credibility Markers – It’s important to display instances of credibility on a business website. Badges or symbols provided to individuals or companies who have performed well in their industry are common, and should be noticeable on the page.

One of the most basic is the Better Business Bureau’s badge, which always gives a consumer a feeling of security when purchasing. In fact, many people won’t purchase online unless the company has this badge on their site, so if you haven’t registered with the BBB, it’s a good idea to put that on your to-do list. Additionally, offering a money back guarantee functions as a security blanket for most consumers, allowing them to make the conversion with the confidence that if they aren’t satisfied, they will receive their money back.

Call to Action – Do not underestimate the power of a call to action. It may seem cliché, but it absolutely works. Commanding language shows confidence in the product or service, and makes it simple for the consumer. Don’t be annoying about it, but let them know exactly what you want, and make it easy for them to comply.

If it’s as simple as acquiring an email address for potential leads, don’t clutter the contact form with their name, number, and home address. People are more likely to type in their email address than other personal information, and in today’s technologically saturated life, they are sure to check it often.

Conversion Process – Make it quick and easy. As mentioned above, if you want contact info, simplify your contact form. If you want completed sales, don’t require customers to register in order to check out, and make your shopping cart simple to navigate. Again, avoid clutter.

Use Active Language – When placing buttons and impetus markers, use commanding, active language, such as “Buy” or “Register.” Employ this type of language in conjunction with language that creates urgency, like “Limited Time Offer” or “Ending Soon!” This is a very simple tactic, but effective nonetheless.

Website Headlines – Test with different headlines. Follow your metrics and confirm which headline shows the most users remaining on your site versus which sends them immediately scattering like ants to other parts of the web. Your headline is your hook, so it needs to grab the attention of a user and keep them interested.

Add Video – Video is engaging and requires less effort than reading. We live in a society that values time efficiency and visual appeal, so providing videos that describe your product or service is beneficial. Also, provide a summary of the video for those few who prefer to read (yes, they do still exist) and link to relevant parts of the site within that text.

Load Times – Bandwidth is important, because fast load times can make or break your conversions. Most people give a website 10-15 seconds to load before clicking away. They know there are other sites providing the product, service, or information they want, so there is no impetus to hold out for a slow site. Make sure this doesn’t happen to your website.

Conversions are generally easy to achieve, assuming you do the work and are smart about how your website is setup. Consider color schemes as well. There are documented statistics regarding the effect certain colors have on a consumer, so make sure to know what colors will get your customers into the right mindset for conversion. This is one more straightforward tactic towards optimizing your website for customer conversion.

These are only 9 tips for better conversion rates, but there are many more. Do some research, and become familiar with tactics and strategies that work. There’s no reason to waste your time and money on a website that doesn’t produce useful results. Keeping the end goal in sight and reflecting that on the website is helpful in converting numbers in your favor. Don’t go the route of so many web businesses, dropping mounds of money into a web venture and not providing the necessary follow through.

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