Get To Know HoneIn

I love lists. They take big, broad tasks and break them into manageable, achievable steps. Need to feed yourself for a week? List the meals you want to make, turn it into a grocery list, and voilà! Moving to a new house? List of things to pack, donate, or toss; list of services to transfer; list of tasks to complete before you go. Nothing is more satisfying than crossing items off the list and seeing yourself get one step closer to your goal.


In fact, I like lists so much that the concept is at the core of my business. HoneIn is a software platform designed to help businesses achieve their strategic plans. How? We break your objectives into tangible actions (a list of them!) that can be tracked by data and spread transparently across your team.


Of course, not all lists are created equal. The actions on your “increase customer satisfaction” list are a little more complicated than the “buy groceries” list, and HoneIn is designed to support that. Since strategic actions take time to show results, we integrate with common platforms and tools to easily show progress over time (think integrating your pantry with your dinner). We tie the performance of your actions to the performance of your objectives, allowing you to be confident that your actions are having the desired result (so you know you’re eating your groceries, not buying things that will gather dust in the pantry). We analyze data to provide strategic insights that keep your finger on the pulse of your business (helping you buy the right groceries). Our tiered structure shows employees how their actions propel team and company goals forward (so everyone in your household is involved in meal planning). We provide the structure, visibility, and insight needed to make strategic execution easy and efficient – as easy as making dinner!


As the co-founder of an early-stage startup, enjoying lists and organization is a helpful trait. We are working on building our platform, refining our philosophy, and developing a sales process. That’s the fun part – we’re also staying on top of tax filings, pitch decks, website updates, bug fixes… the lists are endless and endlessly helpful. And the satisfaction of checking off major items like finalizing the alpha version of our platform and onboarded early clients is enormous.


Now, my lists are focused on sales and marketing. At the top of the list is growing my network – right now, I need to make connections, raise awareness of HoneIn, and identify additional clients. As much as I love lists, networking requires going beyond paper and actually meeting people. It turns out that introducing myself to strangers and giving them the hard sell is not something I do well.


That’s why I appreciate groups like Pacesetters, where the goal is to go beyond the quick pitch and business card exchange. Rather, Chris Stoner’s group looks to foster strong business relationships where we can advocate for each other. As someone who is new to the networking scene, it’s been a hugely beneficial group – I have made the strongest connections here.


As HoneIn approaches its first birthday, it’s good to take a moment away from my lists and reflect on the past year. Baltimore has proven to be an excellent place to start a business: supportive, with a tight-knit community and many resources. We’ve built a functional platform, grown our network enormously, and onboarded our first clients. Next year, we’re looking forward to continuing to grow – and helping more and more businesses check strategic execution off of their list.