Another Impression of Admiral Stockdale

When I started the site Baltimore Sports and Life (BSL) in January 2009, my first article was titled, “My impersonation of Admiral Stockdale.”

For those that don’t recall, Stockdale was Ross Perot’s running mate in the 1992 Presidential Election. In the VP Debate Stockdale famously introduced himself by stating, “Who am I? Why am I here?”

I used that as a starting point for BSL, and to make clear what our initial objectives were.

I’m going back to the Stockdale well here as we launch this BMBD Pacesetters site.

BMBD is the acronym for Baltimore Metro Business Development, which is our Networking group, that we launched in July 2015.

Pacesetters is our Business Development group which we launched this past March.

Our September 12th BMBD event was the 10th overall BMBD event that we’ve held.  BMBD exists to bring together professionals from across the region through regular events.

The BMBD LinkedIn group has recently crossed over 600+ members. The majority of those are C-Suite Executives representing companies in the $5-$25M range.

Companies which have had success and are looking to grow.

It’s been personally rewarding to hold these events and bring these Executives from numerous industries together.

We’re not a political organization, our focus is business.  Among the listed members, and with those who have joined our events; there are wide ranging beliefs and opinions across the political spectrum.

I’m not interested in pushing my own biases upon our audience.

I am interested in providing speakers and topics of mass appeal to a diverse room.

The one area where my biases do come out, is that I’m a champion for Baltimore.  The issues which face our collective home are well known.  Those issues are real and should not be ignored.

That said, I think we also fail in touting our collective strengths.  The Baltimore Metro has high median income, and a high level of postgraduates.

The region is a leader in Higher Education, Financial Services, Bio Services, Healthcare, Tech, and Defense Contracting.

It’s inspiring to meet the people who attend our events and learn more about their respective companies and industries.

When outsiders knock our home, I think about the people and companies I’ve met and think those outsiders are missing a large part of the story – and that we have to a better job of making sure they are aware!

Previous BMBD speakers have included:

Tim Strachan
The Northeast Maglev
Marc Weller / Sagamore Development
Don Fry / Greater Baltimore Committee
Tom Geddes / Plank Industries

Our Panel discussions have included:

Nov ’17 – Cindy Carson, Kara DiPieitro, Natalia Luis, & Jennifer Meyer
Feb ‘18 –  Ed Mullin, Chris Sachse, Jay Steinmetz, Deborah Tillett, & Matt Van Itallie
May ’18 – Shannon Landwehr, Claudia Jolin, Dr. Daraius Irani, Tom Sadowski, & Dr. Lindsay Thompson
Sept ’18 – Casey Baynes, Franklyn Baker, Jennifer Bodensiek, Rodney Burris, Martin Schwartz, and Brock Yetso.

As mentioned, Pacesetters is our Business Development group.

Pacesetters is currently comprised of these companies:

Absolute Companion Care (In-home Care)
American Bully Manufacturing (Industrial Automation)
Arbit (Computer Software)
At Night Athletic (Sports Apparel)
Bites o’ Heaven: (Corporate Gifts)
CAM Construction (Commercial Construction)
Capture Design Group (Workplace AV / Unified Communications)
CC&A Strategic Media (Marketing)
Chesapeake Collection (Apparel)
Crystal Cleaning (Cleaning)
DB Consulting (Sports Philanthropy Consulting / Cause Marketing / Event Management)
Equity Mortgage Lending (Mortgage Lender)
Growth Solutions Team (Professional Sales and Executive Coaching)
Hamilton Bank  (Banking)
Heartland Payment Systems (Payment Processor)
HoneIn (Analytics / Goal Based Strategy)
HR Evolution (HR)
Miner & Kasch (Data Science, AI)
Naden/Lean (CPA)
Niles, Barton & Wilmer (Law Firm)
Patrick S. Reid (Outsourced CFO)
Pinkaloo Technologies (Philanthropy)
Skyline Technology Solutions (IT Solutions – Networking, Security, Infrastructure, Transit)
STAR Academy (Technology Training)
Symphony Placements (Recruiting)
Team Wasch (Efficiency Consultant)
Think|Stack (IT Innovation, Design Thinking, Managed Services, Cyber Security, Cloud)
Thread (Civic & Social Organization)
Towson University Athletics (University)
TREBLE (Computer Software)
TSAO Baltimore (Watches)
Vehicles for Change (Non Profit)
Weiss PR (PR)
Wight Tea (Retail)


Pacesetters is 9 meetings (8:30 to 10AM) per year, not meeting in the 3 months per year where there is a BMBD event.

The focus with Pacesetters is Business Development. What are we doing as a group to collectively improve our business and gain a return?

Beyond that, it’s making sure group members know each other’s respective businesses so that they can be true referral partners.

With the launch of this site, we will regularly be highlighting our members and learning more about each of them.

I envision we will end 2018 with 40 +/- partners.

If you could be interested in joining us, let’s discuss!