Treble® is Reinventing Business Networking


Many people think business networking is handing out business cards, attending networking events or posting updates on LinkedIn.  It’s not.  Networking is building relationships for mutual benefit.  But, if you have dozens or even hundreds of people in your trusted, professional network, how do you manage all those relationships?  How do you keep track of who you’ve helped and who’s helped you the most. How can you know what you can do to help others and generate the goodwill you need to be successful?

That’s where Treble comes in.  Think of Treble as a “CRM for your trusted, professional network.”  Treble is the fastest, easiest and most efficient way to give and receive referrals and introductions and also makes it easy to track your networking activities.  Treble’s customizable templates connect people you believe would benefit from a warm intro.

Perhaps Treble’s most unique and valuable feature is our “Wish Engine.”  People can easily post their business ‘wishes’ – like:  looking for clients, a job or candidate, seeking an intern, looking for a board appointment and many other reasons people network.  And Treble provides great control over the visibility of each wish.  Share it with only people you know, networking organizations you’re in, groups you define, etc.

Treble also provides many additional features, such as an A.I. Engine which provides daily ‘actionable intelligence’ to help guide users to get more effective use of their networking time and a plethora of analytics to evaluate what events have been best for you and who has been most helpful in achieving your career goals.

In addition to our individual user platform, Treble offers a unique dashboard for organizations like chambers of commerce, business networking groups and alumni organizations.  Any organization that is trying to build a professional community can greatly benefit from Treble since it will be able to foster more valuable networking among its members and directly demonstrate the value of membership to existing and potential members!

Our Mission

Treble seeks to make the business world a bit more altruistic.  We know that the secret of networking is to help others first.  That’s why we promote a #TrebleTuesday:  take a few minutes each week to look at the wishes from people in your network and see if you can help them directly or through a valuable introduction.


Treble was born out of the life lessons of our founders who realized that there wasn’t a good tool for true business networking.  Managing introductions and referrals via email was challenging and our experiences at classic networking events often proved frustrating and highly inefficient.  We created Treble with the tools great networkers wanted and we built our software so anyone can become a great networker.